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New Site Design


A Redesigned Website with a New Purpose

I thought it was time to bring my author website into the 21st Century. I’m still tinkering with it but at least I have it ported over to Squarespace where I can do a lot more customization. As I have mentioned too many times to count in other posts and tweets, staying the course with writing is hard for me. I write something and then start the next thing and then I stop. A half-written, wonderful story, just sitting there waiting to be finished. I have a dozen or more of those and it makes me sick.

I’m going to have to approach this as a full-time job. Not out of excitement or joy or anything, but rather, a commitment to just sit down and write at a specified time. I have a leg up because I know that inspiration doesn’t strike you always before you write, but mostly during the act of writing itself. The work is the thing. So get to it David!