Yet Another Hiatus

As I've mentioned in a few posts before, I have trouble keeping my head in the game when it comes to writing (or photography or screenwriting for that matter). I enjoy dipping my creative toes in several different spaces but that will only work for me if I stick to it on a regular schedule. I can certainly run a photography business at the same time I write books. So why can't I seem to do it? It's like when one interest wanes and another takes over, I have to stay in that silo totally committed.

I am now working on staying in several different silos but each on equal footing. Am I making any sense? I don't know. All I know is that I have lots of good stories in me and they deserve to be shared. If it's just with my friends and family, then so be it. But getting them out into the world is what counts. And who knows, perhaps I'll pick up a few random readers along the way and they'll like my stories.

So I just finished up the fourth draft of my novel (according to WorldCon, anything over 40K words is a novel and mine is about at 43K now). I incorporated the developmental/proofing edits from a wonderful editor named Nichole Strauss. Now I'm going to print it out and give it another read/edit before sending it off to another editor for a final proofread. I hope to publish it by the start of Summer or a little after.

Once I have sent it off to the proofreader, I will disclose the cover for my book and then maybe even the map I had made for it. I think part of the reason why I stopped editing in the middle of the fourth draft was that of the writer's best friend: fear. It's one thing to get the book close to completion, have a cover set to go, but actually putting it out there is a whole different story and one filled with peril. But it's time for the final push and I'm up to the task.