And The Title Is...

I have finally come up with the title of my adult fantasy novella. Well, actually, I came up with it a couple of weeks ago but today I'm announcing it to the world. Drum roll, please...THE TEMPEST GUILD.

One of the unforeseen things about writing and self-publishing a novel is all the stuff that goes into it that has nothing to do with writing the book itself. Coming up with a title, designing a book cover–and most importantly–writing the blurb. I could have written a whole other novel with the time it's taken to work on these other book-related tasks. But then again, that's what this is all about, right? A learning experience.

For those wondering how to come up with a title, here's what I did: I came up with a couple of theme words that pertained to my novel and then I opened up and kept digging around for words that fit what I was looking for. I would write them down, one at a time, as I found ones that may work. Then it was just a matter of putting them together and seeing which ones worked together the best. I'm not sure that process will work with all my titles, but it sure did the trick this time (at least I think so). And, how many more times can I fit the word "work" into this paragraph? Oh, and I changed the series name from "The Chronicles of Talam" to "The Talam Chronicles." I think the latter sounds more powerful and action-oriented.