Review: The Black Widow


The Black Widow by Daniel SilvaI've read every single one of Daniel Silva's books, going back to The Unlikely Spy (a time period I wish he would return to someday) and I must say, without a doubt, this was the best one yet. Reading about an Israeli spy who also happens to be one of the world's best art restorers always gives his readers a history lesson amidst a tense thriller plot. But what made this book so memorable and hard to put down was the timeliness of the story. With what seem like daily attacks around the world coming from ISIS, it was engrossing to get a glimpse into that horrible world and it's players. Obviously, this is a work of fiction, but Silva has a knack for hitting things close to reality with his books, and he has even foreshadowed real events in some of his earlier books. Make no mistake, the massive attack in the climax of the book is plausible and it makes the story all the more breathtaking. His writing style is breezy and flawless as it fades into the background and doesn't interfere with the joy of reading. I cannot recommend this book enough.View all my reviews