Am I Just Wasting My Time?

David Mullin

While I'm in the middle of writing the first draft of my epic fantasy novel, I often make the mistake of looking ahead by reading blogs and watching YouTube videos about marketing and selling your book. As part of that procrastination research, invariably the topic of odds of success comes up. Obviously, the odds of making a living solely by writing fiction is a slim one. There just not that many readers in our country who read on a regular basis and that's depressing.

So if the odds are slim to none, why am I pursuing this? I think anyone else who is currently following the writer's path could answer it: because I'm meant to do it. Irregardless of the money making potential, I am writing because I feel like I am a story teller and I want to leave those stories behind as a legacy. Maybe they'll get some traction now or later but I feel the need to get them down on paper (or screen) in order to satisfy my need to create.

Just like with weight loss, I need to remind myself that its a one day at a time type of deal. Just sit down and write each day and then when done, sit down and edit what you've written. Then promote and market the book as best you can. And most of all, try not to think how much money it's going to cost to be an indie publisher for each book. $2K for developmental edit, $800-1200 for professional cover art, and then who knows how much more for proofreading.

As I just said, I need to stick to the business of writing. That includes keeping up with this blog. I have been lax for the last three weeks due to family obligations but also just the lazy fact that I didn't feel like writing a blog at the same time I'm trying to pump out the rest of the first draft of this book. In other words, I have not been acting like a professional for the past few weeks and that sort of lapse cannot continue if I'm going to put up a good fight against overwhelming odds.