When the Writing Bug Leaves You

David Mullin

The title is a bit disingenuous as I didn't mean to say the entire writing bug has left, just that the initial excitement that comes with exploring a new interest has faded. And that's actually a good thing. No longer am I obsessed with watching writing videos on YouTube or endlessly reading How To posts on writing. Oh, I'll still read several author blogs but they're not overtaking my thoughts all day anymore.

Which means now it's time to get down to work. I have been dutifully working on outlining my next novel and rewriting my short story titled Buffalo Run, but now that the dreams of glory and author tours and fame have faded, reality has set in. I welcome that phase this time as it means that as I continue to put my head down and write, that is a good indicator that I finally realize this is what I'm supposed to do with my life. Other interests may now come into play with my attention, but as far as my "work" is concerned, that's sitting down and writing every day.

Part of that commitment is this blog as well. I don't know, how many blogs have I started in the past only to give up after that initial thrill had left? Five? Six? Maybe not that many, but it is close to five, now that I think about it. I think entering this phase in my writing life makes the blog even more important. I think most writers fall out of love of writing at some point in their careers yet they still manage to continue on. I would even venture to guess that writing improves during this phase as the thrill of it has gone and now working at it as a business has taken over. There's no interest in life that doesn't become stale at some point. Just like relationships, the initial euphoric phase doesn't last forever but the love continues to grow and become deeper.