Book Review: Star Wars: Bloodline


I have read several Star Wars books, mostly the novelizations of the movies, but I also read Timothy Zahn's trilogy, and I enjoyed them very much. I believe I've read a smattering of other ones here and there but I wouldn't say I was a complete expert on all things Star Wars in the literature sense. Now that most of the offshoot books are not considered canon anymore, it feels like a fresh slate to start reading canon books as they come out.

Still reeling with excitement months after The Force Awakens, I was happy to delve into a little Princess Leia backstory leading up to the events in the movie. "Star Wars: Bloodline" by Claudia Gray is a good book that mimics the feel of the TFW galaxy. It feels more focused, somehow, than previous Star Wars books. It makes one wonder just how much backstory JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasden came up with while writing the screenplay.

[SPOILERS] The book focuses much of its pages on palace intrigue where Princess Leia spends her time on Hosnian Prime as a Senator for the New Republic. However, there is a large political rift in the Senate between those who want the individual worlds to have more autonomy known as the "Populists" and those who want a strong central power referred to as the "Centrists." It is the conflict between these factions that most of the book swirls around. Princess Leia and her friends are on the Populist side whilst those who think that a strong central government is the only way to bring so many disparate worlds together, are seen as Empire-loving control freaks.There are a few missions that Princess Leia and her political rival Senator Casterfo, engage in, but most of the book takes place on the capital planet of Hosnian Prime (the same planet that was destroyed by the New Order in TFA). It is because of this lack of action that some readers may be put off by this book. There's not a lot of adventure or heroics, its more about setting up the coming New Order and how it rose out of the ashes of the Empire. So for those interested in knowing all the political details of the TFA world, this is a great resource and a must read. For those looking for a one-off adventure type of Star Wars story, you'll have to wait for other books to come out.