You're Going to do What?


It has been a long, strange journey to arrive at the place where I currently find myself. Where to start? Does it matter? Maybe a few will but that's the purpose of a blog, isn't it? Anyways, I've always loved and hated writing. Those who are blessed with the same curse will understand. Writing for me is like that blue insect light that keeps drawing me in over and over again. Instead of zapping and killing me, however, I find joy and wonder and pain and loathing and on, and on, and on.

I used to write stories, or at least start them when I was a kid. Then I discovered the movies after a tour at the Paramount Lot in LA in the late eighties, so after I graduated from UC Davis, I moved to Pasadena attempting to break in. Jobs were scarce at the time so I decided to write a screenplay. I wrote a feature and also a pilot for a Cheersy-type sitcom called the 19th Hole (a bar at a country club). But, alas, no luck as they both sucked big time, as expected. Anyway, life and moving to Boston intervened and so did the need for a regular job.

Skip forward several moves later and I finally sit down and write my first novel followed by a second one. I received a few bites here and there from Agents but nothing stuck. Then I decided to write a longer piece and devoted myself to 2,000 words everyday, holiday or no, sick or no, plans or no, to getting it done. Big mistake. I burned myself out. That was back in 2005.

Between my second and third novels, I was commissioned to write a feature screenplay for a small, independent film. They ended up liking the script but it would've cost too much money to make. Lots of effort with nothing to show, but I know it was wonderful training for where I am now.

Basically, I haven't written anything since 2005, but that all changed last Fall. After going through various family issues, I sought out a counselor and she turned me on to Brene Brown. Her ideas opened my eyes to what I should truly be doing and that is telling stories.

Initially, my thoughts and ideas went to scripts and screenplays. I hired a screenwriting coach and enrolled in a wonderful writing class taught by Corey Mandell. However, I soon realized that I didn't want my stories taken over and turned into something else, at least not before I had my version out there in the world. So I decided to embark on writing novels again.

I had an idea for my next screenplay that I've been playing with for a few months now. I recently completed an outline for it and I have begun writing it as a Novella. Thus begins my writing journey, hopefully more experienced and wiser this time, and more importantly, more disciplined to see the fact that this is what I'm here to do: tell stories. It won't always be fun, I won't always enjoy it, but that is what I want to leave behind.