I had many interests as a kid, primarily playing sports, but I also loved to read and I would write stories on my mom’s typewriter every now and then. I always thought being a published author would be a dream come true, but it was only one of many dreams I had: professional baseball player; professional football player; professional soccer player; professional tennis player. You get the gist.

I fell in love with computers at an early age as well and after college I took some Desktop Publishing courses and launched my career in the tech world. It was around that time that something called the World Wide Web was becoming popular in tech circles and I remember downloading and testing out the beta for a program called Netscape, the first web browser. Of course, back then the web was filled with the ubiquitous gray background, blinking tags, and lists of CD collections. After all, what else was it good for?

That was in 1994. Fast forward eight years and my wife is out of residency and we have moved to Roseville, a town outside of Sacramento, California. I set out to become a published author. My first book, A Dish Best Served Cold, was about a band of ex-special forces soldiers who kidnap and kill pedophiles. It was a very angry book. I got some nibbles from agents but nothing substantial. That was okay, I was prepared for rejection so I started in on my second novel, Friendly Intentions. It was about a young man named Casper Friendly who finds his father’s murdered body and vows to catch the killer. This was a better effort than my first but still received no offers. I then embarked on an ambitious book that would be well over 100,000 words. I vowed to write 2,000 words a day whether I was sick, it was a holiday or if we were on vacation. I accomplished my goal and wrote a 140,000 word novel which I still have not read to this day. At least not completely. I burned myself out and went back into working in tech building websites for companies.

After working in tech, first doing websites and then managing mobile app development, I finally quit to write full time last December (2015). My initial push was to write screenplays in hopes of launching a screenwriting career, but after delving deep into the business I realized that I may write great scripts with good stories (eventually), but those would never really be mine once they had been put into the Director’s hands. I have a lot of stories to tell and I want to control how those are displayed to the world so I have switched gears from screenwriting and gone back to writing novels. This time, however, I’m arming myself with a process that won’t burn myself out and will allow me to eventually be prolific, as that is what the current ebook market demands.

I’m currently working on my next piece, whether it be a novel, short story or novella and I am always looking for beta readers, so drop me a line if you’re interested and thanks for checking out my blog.

David Mullin
April, 2016